What we can do for you



Empirical research

We use state of the art methods to provide creative but solid insights. Define the issue, problem, or challenge and we will find the answers.

policy consulting

We design policies for agile and open policy makers that involve the crowd, are based on data and tested with the target group. . 

Topics we work on

We foster (open) innovation to help clients  become more innovative, engage with stakeholders and customers and do research on innovation, digitisation (including  AI and blockchain), regulation, competitiveness, creative industries. 

networks and international projects

You are as big as your network. We are part of an international network with whom we do projects but also involve in our projects. This enables us to offer broad expertise and large geographic scope.  

Designing processes

iFirst, you decide on what you would like to achieve or to know and we will design the appropriate process that deliver. Getting the process right is quintessential for (open) innovation, strategy, stakeholder engagement as well as research projects. 

Analysing stakeholders and actors

Identifying, addressing, understanding and involving the right stakeholders is key to generate the insights needed, discuss the (hidden) problems and find solutions for pertinent challenges.

Monitoring and managing processes

Whatever process to be followed, the execution, monitoring and management of the process is decisive for delivering results. We have extensive experience in managing small and large processes that perform as planned.

Analysing process outcomes

Well-working processes produce a large number of input for the decision to be made. We analyse the content produced during innovation, strategy and stakeholder engagement processes with quantitative and qualitative methods to understand the implications. 

Organising Workshops and Moderation

Organising large scale project and processes demand skills to organise workshops, moderate them and analysise the outcomes. We are offering our expertise in this area for external projects and event as well.