Advanced Empirical Research

Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI, we conduct in-depth research to evaluate public policies and understand emerging trends in various sectors. Our expertise lies in innovation, digitalization, and entrepreneurship, with a strong focus on addressing sectoral issues in regulation, life sciences, and sustainable food systems. Our goal is to provide comprehensive insights that drive informed decision-making and foster sustainable development in both the enterprise and public sectors.

Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement and Participation

Designing processes that involve stake-holders, customers and the crowd. We use innovative offline and online formats to understand stakeholder and use their knowledge to arrive at solution that workWe design and implement inclusive processes that actively involve stakeholders, customers, and the community. Using innovative offline and online formats, including our proprietary participation platform,, we gather valuable insights and leverage stakeholder knowledge to develop practical and effective solutions. Our approach includes open innovation and lean startup practices.

Selected projects


JOin the Swot Analysis of the austrian data ecosystem

As part of our accompanying research on the implementation of the Data Governance Act and Data Act, we invite you to contribute to identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the Austrian data ecosystem.

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DGA and DA Implementation in austria

The Vienna University of Economics and Business and cbased are providing science-based support for the ongoing implementation of the European Data Governance Act (DGA) and Data Act (DA), and the elaboration of an Austrian Data Strategy. This research was commissioned by the Ministry of Finance and is  organised in an open and participatory way.

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WU and cbased successfully secure framework contract

The Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and cbased were awarded a 4-year framework contract for research cooperation with public sector institutions, encompassing all aspects of digitization. The contract will be overseen by the Ministry of Finance.

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EIT Health Austria is a recent addition to the Austrian life sciences ecosystem. While rolling out EIT Health services for local clients, cbased’s stakeholder analysis will help in developing additional services that are not yet provided. cbased is using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to position the Austrian branch vis-à-vis all other ecosystem players. 

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The Central European University involved faculty and students in the elaboration of the CEU strategy. A mixed online and offline process was designed and executed. Participants were asked to contribute ideas for the strategy in various online and offline ideation processes that focused on particular topics. The resulting draft strategy was commented on and voted by more than 1200 participants.

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Discussing SK Rapid's Statutes

The new Executive Committee of SK Rapid, a renowned Austrian Bundesliga football club, started its term with the aim of improving the efficiency of the club’s committee structure. A new version of the statutes, which proposes a new setup, was discussed on Discuto with more than 1600 members joining the discussion.

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The Viennese Food System

Food systems do significantly impact on climate change, health, land use and biodiversity loss. Food system innovation is essential to tackle these challenges and cities are major players in this field.

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Who is disrupting the food value chain (RISC)?

Is it Regulators, Incumbents, Startups or Consumers (RISC)? Or all of them? The food value chain is being redefined and many forces are at play right now. Major disruption are ahead.

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Popuphub II

Round two for the Popuphub of the Ministry for Climate Protection. The focus is on public interventions in view of the change process ahead. Are traditional policies still delivering or is a radical departure necessary?

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The Future of Regulation

Climate change, raw material shortages, and social inequalities are collateral damages of our economic system not addressed by regulations. 

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Boosting the Slovak Startup Ecosystem

 Solving pertinent issues in the Slovakian startup ecosystem as part of a EU PSF (Policy Support Facility) project.

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Digitization in the public sector

The study analyses the state of the art in reporting and visualisation across public administrations in Europe.

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Specific support to tunisia

 Helping Tunisia with ongoing restructuring of the national R&I system as part of a EU PSF team of experts. 

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Digital Agenda Vienna

Supporting the City of Vienna to develop its digital strategy by designing and executing a process that mixes offline and online engagement processes.

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Supporting the Telekom and mobilkom merger

 Facilitating the merger process through online tools that increase interaction across governance layers and enable innovative strategy building and validation.  

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Big Data, Innovation and privacy

Analysing the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR) from a legal, technical and innovation and industrial policy perspective. 

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