Telekom and mobilkom Merger


cbased provided online tools to interact with the top management (Ask your Director) and to validate the strategy document by employees. 

With the support of our partner Pleon Publico, we created a discussion platform, managed and moderated the online processes. We supplied a online Q&A forum that encouraged communication between the board of directors and the employees. The system was designed to prioritize urgent issues and ensure that the leadership took notice of and dealt with them accordingly.

The strategy document was valided online on our platform. This helped to mark those areas where views were differing. This allowed to have a dialogue to find the best solutions for the way forward.



After the merged a new corporate strategy had to be devised. The aim was to insource as much of the existing experience and knowledge of employees by involving them in the strategy process.

The online tools enabled to identify the “hot” topics amongst employees and react accordingly. By allowing anybody to contribute, the insourced knowledge and experience at hand to take decision multiplied.

Most important may be the fact, that online tools allowed employees from merging companies to contribute to the future of the company by interactively proposing and discussing different options. This process allowed the top management to take better informed decisions.    


Improved communication is a key success factor in general but particularly important for mergers. Communication helps to align expectations, deliver much needed information and – if organised as dialogue – brings in the knowledge of employees. 

Like in most mergers, companies to be merged come with distinct differences in enterprise culture. Open and transparent interactions allow to better understand how issues are perceived. Dialogic and deliberative processes help to gain a better understanding of the “others” and improve dialogue across firm hierarchies.


Pleon Publico was the lead contractor who organised all offline strategy building events.

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